Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sock Blank Tie-Dye

It started out with a sock blank knitted with the Addi express. Then came a big dye pot with water previously used to soak black beans. I used Epsom salts as mordant, knowing very well that I was going to get a light gray color thanks to a swatch I made sometime ago. The result was so ugly that I refused to even make a picture. So back to the dyepot, after a few rubber bands were involved, more bean water, and alum as a mordant. And this is what came out.

Not bad at all. Stripes will be more like flecks, since bands don't necessarily correcpond to rows:


Now onto the next problem: This is the second sock blank I dye, but I am afraid of knitting them up knowing that the color transition/banding will be disrupted when turning the heel. I've been searching for a way to prevent this that does not involve using a different yarn for the heel. This is what I found so far.

I remain unconvinced. I know it's hard to judge from a picture, but I have the feeling that this heel is too boxy. Then there is this pattern. If you look closely, the heel has increases, and then instead of a heel flap, a few more rounds, followed by heel decreases. While this looks like a very interesting construction, I cannot help but notice the crease on top of the foot when the sock is worn, so I will not even attempt to follow it. The increases are, however, very interesting, as they look like upside-down versions of decreases. Very symmetrical, and they are described in detail in this page. What if I combined both ideas (increases, boomerang short rows, then decreases) into a single heel?

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