Friday, March 15, 2013

Erratic heels

Behold the erratic heel:


This was my experiment, merging two different heel techniques: Rachel's technique of increases and decreases (as used in this pattern, which I never bought) combined with the boomerang heel explained here, boomeranging every right side of the short row heel. I was trying this on as I erratically created this heel, first with the increases, and then with the boomerangs. I discovered that half a boomerang heel was good enough for my foot. In other words, I got as far as half the short row heel, then simply kept knitting in the round again and performed the decreases:


As Cat Bordhi said, you cannot argue with a foot. The end result is stripes across the heel area without interruption, which is what I was hoping for. Of course, the stripes across instep and heel are thinner compared to the rest of the sock. Upon close inspection, having only half a boomerang heel looks kind of incomplete.


Also, I suck at the increases. But who cares? I have stripes across the heel, and the socks fit. Woohoo!


Do I see some creases on the instep?  Mmmmh... I was trying to avoid those, and that is why I did not even bother with Rachel's sock pattern. In my next experiment everything will be the same, but I will try boomeranging the other half of the heel too.That should give more depth to the heel. We'll see.

By the way, the pattern is the Skyp socks, very easy to memorize, creates some visual interest and does not clash with the horizontal stripes of self-patterning yarn. I loved it!

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